Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We are all Humans

A human is born as a human. As the years increased the world changed. Racism was created. Violence started. Women and Men were considered different. Homophobia occurred. Why wait till 9070 for equality to happen? We need to make a change now.

Why is inequality a problem?

  1. difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality.

    "social inequality"

    Inequality is a problem. Too many people think they are superior. Some people have better jobs and that makes them oh so superior. Right? Wrong. People mistreat others because they are below them. People hire men because people believe men are stronger and more powerful. To this day certain jobs no matter what your gender is wipould still pay a female less than they would pay a male. People treat upperclass is like the populars of high school. Because people are celebrities or lawyers and get paid so much no one thinks about the lower classes, the homeless and the hungry. Inequality needs to stop. Earth is a beautiful place and inequality is destroying it.

What does gender equality mean to me?

Equality. It would be great to have. All this mistreatment, needs to stop. Women are just as good and could everything a man could do. Some of the women could do stuff better than some men could do. This shows that men aren't superior. We have the evidence from the studies. The famous examples. Now we have to make a stand and stop acting like there's this big difference between men and women.